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Join us in the woods to celebrate your child's birthday. Choose one of our lovely themes, or choose your own. With activities to choose from and plenty of time for free-play in and around our woodland base, we will tailor-make your child's party, and provide all that you need to relax and enjoy the day with your child and their guests.


Themed Parties

Leaf Party: Listen to the story of Leaf Man/Leaf thief and go on an adventure to find different leaves and identify them and make different things with them. 
Dragon Party: Listen to the story of Dragon stew and make their muddy stew.
Super worm Party: Explore the woods on our bug-hunt adventure, get crafty making a bug from clay, and make your very own bug hotel to leave in the woods.
Survival Party: Could you survive in the woods? Fire skills, shelter building and a hunt for 'food' 
Fairy Party: Walk to the fairy village, weave your own fairy crown on the way, make a magic wand and experiment with fairy potions!
Dino Party: Dig for dinosaur bones, hunt for fossils and hatch some very special Dinosaur eggs!
Stick man Party: Listen to the story of Stick man, make your own stick family, create a log pile, and explore the woods making a journey stick
Gruffalo Party: Take the role of 'mouse' on his stroll round the woods to find all the Gruffalo characters, make your own Gruffalo from clay, make 'owl pancakes and 'scrambled snake' in our mud kitchen and go on a hunt for natural materials to match the Gruffalo's famous description!

Harry Potter Party: Making beasts in the woods from natural materials, wizard headdresses,  spotting trolls' faces in the wood, clay bogart faces, making clokes of invisibility, making maps, creating spell books, witch bells from a wreath of ivy with potions, wands, broomsticks for children to 'fly' around on them!

Or choose your own... let your imagination run wild!

Booking Information

Our parties are suitable for ages 2+. All parties last for 2 1/2 hours and run 9.30 am -12 pm or 12:30 pm -

3:00 pm on Saturdays term time. Monday-Saturday holiday times.

Parties include a campfire lunch of hot dogs in rolls ('proper' sausages, not tinned!) with assorted crisps and veg sticks. Please bring a cake!

We provide two staff members to run your party, and we require an adult(s) from your party to stay with the children throughout. The number of adults we require to stay depends on the number and ages of guests.  At our parties, children remain the responsibility of the party host at all times. 

£15 per child
Minimum booking 12
Maximum booking 25  

In addition, the church hall needs to be hired for three hours directly from the church. Prices depend on day of booking. More info can be found here.

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