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A Classroom Without Walls

What is Forest School?

Forest School are special sessions. These carefully planned and tailored sessions are led by our specialised Forest School leaders and offer children exciting opportunities to develop skills and confidence through hands-on learning in a woodland environment. We also do sessions for SEND and Home Education children as well as Toddler Groups and Parties.


Forest School originated in Scandinavia in the 1950s and was based on the view that in a modern urbanized world, children don’t always get the opportunity to experience the outdoors. This, they thought was a travesty as not only did it help create a generation of ‘cotton wooled’ children with no appreciation of the natural world, it also missed out on so many great learning opportunities. Since arriving in Britain in 1995, Forest School has branched out to over 20 counties nationwide as many are discovering its positive effects.

Our Site


At our Epsom Common Branch, we have the massive advantage of being located in the Epsom Common conservation area. This means all year round we have easy access to open grass areas, an abundant woodland, a duck pond and many other places to explore. Unlike other nurseries, our location means that we have practically no travel time to get to the site which gives children maximum time in the forest leaving them less tired from having to travel!

Typical Routine

1.    Get Ready – We put on our waterproofs, boots and high vis jackets. We also put on sun cream and hats if necessary.
2.    Safety Rules – We gather and have a chat about how to stay safe in the woods.
3.    Sensory Walk – We look, listen, smell, and touch along the route.
4.    Activity
5.    Free Exploration
6.    Drink and Snack

7.    Tidy Up and go back to the nursery.

8.    Change into fresh clean clothes

9.    Lunch

10.  Back outdoors

11.  Activity

12.  Tidy Up and go back to the nursery.

13.  Reflection/Pleanery 

14. Home Time


Some of the activities we do while on Forest School: 

  • Shelter building

  • Plant identification

  • Orienteering/mapping

  • Finding animal habitats

  • Campfire cooking

  • Using tools such as saws and loppers or whittling using vegetable peelers

And much more!

Why Forest School?


Over the years many studies have been conducted on the effects of teaching young children outdoors in a natural environment. Here are a few of the main benefits - click on each picture to find out more!

Still Not Convinced?


Read about Forest School on BBC News or The Guardian or watch this video:

forest schools royal family.jpg

Health and Safety

Each session is led by a Forest School leader who is specially trained and well-versed in woodland management  There is also a high staff to children ratio.


We go out in all weathers so we ask that children are fully equipped so they can enjoy each session fully. 


Our Summer Kit List: Waterproofs, Wellington boots, sun hat, sun cream already applied.


Our Winter Kit List: Waterproofs, Wellington boots, warm ski suit, hat, gloves, snow boots.

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